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SSP Burrs Combo Set

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SSP Burrs Combo Set. Save more with multiple burr purchases.

1) Choose 64mm or 83mm Combo Set.
2) Either SSP HU + MP Set or SSP HU + MP + LS Set (State coating preference at Cart notes page, Silver or red)

1. 64mm Espresso or High Uniformity
Best for Syrupy, High Body, Thick and Traditional espresso

2. 64mm Multipurpose or Unimodal espresso
Best for a clean big range of flavour cups, for the filter and espresso brewer 50-50% user.

3. 64mm Sweet lab cast burrs (Red speed or Silver Knight)
Please state which version you prefer at notes section at cart page, otherwise V2 will be sent by default which is better for filter coffee.

-V2 best for sweet filter coffee
-V3 if you want to brew filter and espresso (more fines).
-Red speed is recommended for espresso as there is a higher coefficient friction, more fines. Silver knight is recommended for filter brewing.

4. 83mm Espresso 

5. 83mm Sweet Lab cast burrs (Red speed or Silver Knight)
There is only 1 version

6. 83mm Multipurpose

Brewing or Unimodal (No longer in production by manufacturer replaced by Sweet lab SSP)

SSP High Uniformity - espresso focused, good for traditional medium/medium-dark roast

SSP Multipurpose - customized brew burrs, with added flat surfaces which produces a bit more fines at espresso grind settings. Good for filter and light roast espresso

SSP Sweet Lab cast burrs - very smooth and sweet flavour, well reviewed by coffee enthusiasts recently. Good for filter brewing and brighter espressos. V2 silver knight is more juicier than multipurpose burrs.

Interested SSP retailers do email in for discussion.