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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello friends, thank you for your support and enthusiasm of our DF64 Coffee Grinder.

Do refer for shipping updates on the product page (model you ordered). Please do not email in asking for your order updates as the dates listed on the product page are the most accurate dates updated regularly as quoted by our Fulfillment.

Thank you for your kind patience and understanding. Rest assured all orders are shipped first according to order date and it is our promise that we will ship out as soon as we can. We thank you for relying on the product page updates (as accurate as possible) and not emailing in for individual order updates.

Please be sure to read commonly asked questions before emailing in. Please DO NOT send us repeated emails, they will not be answered faster as the email threads will be bumped to the earliest emails. We reply emails by oldest to earliest dates.   

When will my order be shipped?  

Please check the product page of the model you ordered for shipping updates if it was/is on Preorder for certain colours/voltages units.  Emailing in asking on your order will not speed up your order nor will we give you a different response to your tracking code updates. Thank you for your understanding!

Kindly note tracking link will be sent in advance before shipping date (For Preorder units & busy periods). Please check the updates on your link .

How long does it take for my order to be shipped out?

If instock, within 1-3 days. If there is a big backlog of orders it might take longer. (Usually during holiday periods).  Please only email if your order has not been shipped 7 days from order date.

Where is my DF64 order?

Once you have placed your order, you should receive your tracking code and link by our courier within a week. Please follow the updates on the tracking link and do not email us asking for updates on your order. We are unable to give you an answer other than the tracking link.

When should you email us on your order?

Please only email us if there has been no updates on your tracking link for more than 14 days, only by then, are we are able to request from our courier an update for the whereabouts of your parcel.

What courier do we use?

We usually use FEDEX as they are the most reliable and efficient. On special cases we use other couriers such as DHL, Aramex, USPS, UPS and ePacket.

Can I ship to a Post office/Locker/Parcel Shop?

Yes we can. However, we highly recommend not to ship to these locations (unless necessary) as there has been incidents where some employees rejected the parcel. In this scenario, you will have to pay for return and reshipping fees for your order as an authorised person at your selected shipping address has signed off and rejected your order. If you live in a subarb and far away from any delivery service, please do inform your Post Office beforehand that a parcel is on its way under your name. 

What currency is our products listed at?

Our website is able to auto convert our stated prices into your local currency (country selected) If it does not, it is in United States Dollars (USD). At checkout page, you should see whether it is USD or prices has been converted to your local currency. If you want to pay in another currency, please email in, we have to create a manual order for you and there will be a 10 USD admin charge.

What plug heads do you ship in?

If you require a certain plug head please write "Must receive EU/UK/AUSTRALIA plug head" at cart notes for 220-240V model. (Please write at cart notes and not email in due to high volume) It is not a guarantee you will receive the plug head of your country if you do not write this at cart notes.

If you want to receive your order earlier and don't mind changing the plughead, please leave cart notes blank. This is because sometimes, some instock models are a different plughead.

For 100-120V models, the US plug will be standard.

Kindly note DF64COFFEE.COM does not tolerate hostile emails

Rest assured our team is here to provide you the best coffee experience and customer service. To faciliate a smooth experience for everyone, please be kind in your messages and avoid any blackmail or threats. Our customer service policy is designed to protect both employees and customers. Please be informed DF64COFFEE.COM will not entertain any customers who are hostile and abusive to our staff. Any false reviews or accusations will be responded with your information reported to the relevant authorities.

Can I change my order address?

Please note you can write in if it has not been shipped yet, there will be a 10USD admin fee. Please note some goods may have been shipped but tracking has not been provided yet. If your goods are in Transit, please note we are unable to quote you the live quote on the redirection fee. The courier we use (FedEx/DHL/UPS/EVRI) is also unable to give us a live quote, they will only bill us a fee after the service is completed. Please note the fee is usually a high fee (~30-120 and UP, USD) and we do not recommend changing delivery location once your goods are enroute. If you agree to covering any fees, we can request to redirect at the courier's decision.

I didn't receive a reply from my email!

Please drop us another email if you did not receive a response within 6 days. It might have gone to spam or we are busy replying emails. It takes a long time to reply all emails sincerely so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Rest assured we answer all customers!

-Plughead requests
-Order & Shipping related enquiries

Email: OPS@DF64COFFEE.COM for 
-Change order requests

-Tax/Customs related enquiries
-Wholesale, Distribution & Collaboration enquiries
-Price Match Guarantee
-Any enquiries not mentioned here

-Technicial Enquiries

Please give us up to 3 working days to respond, usually we respond during the same day. Thank you!