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The ZF83 Stepless Espresso Grinder is now available.

With the ZF83 Stepless Espresso Grinder, a recent addition to the ZF family, you can easily enhance your commercial espresso machine and start your coffee adventure. This grinder's sturdy stainless steel housing, accurate computerised dosing, and intuitive touch screen display combine form and function seamlessly.

It comes with temperature sensor and moisturemeter. A patented cooling fan kicks in when the internal temperature rises above 35 Celsius set point. This duo feature gives your barista the knowledge of how to adjust the grind size and dosage when it is a high humidity day.

Value for money commercial grinder 83mm.

Type of burr: flat burrs 83mm

Features: On-demand switch, temperature sensor, touch screen operation, internal humidity sensor, adjustable portafilter handle, stepless grind adjustment, and adjustable grinding time

Capacity: The hopper can accommodate up to 1000 grammes of coffee beans, so even during peak hours, you'll always have a sufficient supply. Up to 10-15 kg can be ground every hour.

Touch Screen Display: Its user-friendly navigation and settings management improve operating efficiency.

High Efficiency: Produces maximum results with minimum effort, grinding up to 10-15 kg of coffee per hour.

Stepless Grinding Settings: This feature enables you to fine-tune the grind size to get the ideal espresso extraction every time. The Micro Adjust collar provides unmatched precision with high-resolution grind adjustments.

High-quality motor with a built-in thermal protection to avoid overheating is included.

Environmental Sensors: To ensure ideal grinding conditions, this sensor features displays for both temperature and humidity.

Automation: Equipped with extra displays for motor operating time and coffee powder temperature, this machine can automatically grind coffee for programmable timed single, double shots and ondemand manual dosing.

220V/60Hz is the voltage.
500 watts/10 amps of power
L32 x W16 x H62.5 cm in dimensions
L55 x W23.5 x H49.5 cm in the package
Weight: 14.6 kg gross / 12.6 kg net