DF64 Coffee Grinder

ZF64W Grind by Weight & Time (Limited $799 price for the next 50 units)

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Releasing our ZF64W Gravimetric Version 2. Grind by weight more accurately. We ship new version with adjustment collar instead of knob!

Please note to select correct voltage model for your country! There is 1 year warranty for all grinders but there is no refund policy. Prices listed are in USD or your own currency if you adjust to view local currency.

All ZF64W Grinders are aligned with Burrs.

1) Pricing
With a current SALE Price tag of 799 USD / 780 £, the only other comparable single dose grinder out there is the Mahlkonig GBW, at ~ 2950 USD / 2422 £That is more than 67% OFF the price of the competition! It is a phenomenal deal even after adding on DHL/FEDEX/UPS shipping costs for those that purchase the ZF64W from us! Better still for customers who are located closer to us such as in Asia, Australia and United States.

2) ZF Scale Technology 
The ZF64 is a sturdy and reliable grinder built in mind for commercial shop use and professional home use. Comes with a 1KG Hopper and Trade-secret ZF scale technology. Plug in our ZF scale for grind by weight setting, and plug out for grind by time setting. 

3) Temperature sensor 
The ZF64W has a built-in temperature sensor probe, allowing you to tell the temperature inside the grinder, knowing when you are grinding too much at one go. Stop when it is above 40 Celsius to ensure the aroma and flavor in your coffee grounds are not lost.

4) Humidity sensor 
The ZF64W has a built-in humidity sensor probe, allowing you to tell the difference in humidity throughout the day. This information is crucial for the barista to understand the flow rate of their espresso and it will affect their tweaking and calibration of their espresso recipe. 

5) In-built Cooling Fan to cool down motor, burr and internal temperature
The ZF64W has a built-in fan to cool down the internal temperature of the grinder, allowing you to bulk grind and at the same time, grind more coffee at a lower temperature, retaining more aroma and flavour in your coffee.

6) Programmability
Program a single or double dose by weight or time. There is also manual dosing for purging. To adjust the grind size, we have included the signature DF64 dial collar for easy adjustment from coarse to espresso within seconds!

7) Flat Burrs
The majority of espresso drinkers prefer flat burrs because you get to taste more flavor and depth in your coffee as compared to conical burrs. Well, the debate goes on, and to each their own. By solely looking at the trend in commercial cafes and influential grinders in the market (Mahlkonig EK43, Mazzer ZM & Lagom P64), statistics do seem to indicate a consumer preference for flat burrs. Fitted with 64MM ITALMILL flat burrs made in Italy for fluffy durable burrs. Titanium-coated ITALMILL burrs also provide longer-lasting burr strength (titanium is 4 times more durable than steel). Furthermore, ZF64W Grinders have a strong commercial motor and food safe materials used throughout. 

8) Aesthetic
If you are looking for a reliable, edgey and solid grinder 

9) Ability to grind a range of consistent espresso, filter & coarse grind
The ZF64W Grinder is of high-quality and high-performance for home coffee enthusiasts who want to try different coffee brewing methods: Espresso, V60 Filter, and Coarse Cold brew! 

10) Modifications
If you are feeling adventurous and diving deeper into the intricate world of coffee, you can level up your coffee game through modifications to refine and enhance the DF64 Grinder. An example would be to upgrade your flat burrs to SSP Flat Burrs.

11) Colours
The DF64 comes in many colour variations - black, white, silver, red, yellow, green and more! White & black option is available. If you are interested in the other colours, please email us and we will assist you immediately. Let us know, lead time is usually 8-12 weeks for custom colours.

Technical Information
Package Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 44 LxWxH
Package weight 15.5KG

ZF64W Size: 26 x 16 x 54 cm. LxWxH
ZF64W Weight: 13.5KG
Hopper size: 1KG
Grinding capacity: 7-15KGS/H

Kindly note that once you purchase on our website, it is considered sold, there is no return/refund policy. Thank you for your sincerity.

Please note due to popular demand, our ZF64 might be on pre-order basis depending on model, colour and type of burr.  (INSTOCK)





If you have chosen SSP Cast Sweet Lab burr, please write in notes section which coating you prefer Silver Knight or Red Speed.