DF83 Coffee Grinder

DF83 Coffee Grinder V2

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 Please note to select correct voltage model for your country! There is 1 year warranty for all grinders but there is no refund policy. Prices listed are in USD or your own currency if you adjust to the local currency. All DF83 Grinders are aligned with Burrs.  (Sale Price for limited units) Price-beat and warranty guaranteed, email us. SSP burrs, we will install and align, unlike other sellers.





All comes with Plasma Generator, Metal dosing cup, Dosing ring and Metal Lid. Newest version.

1) No Retention (Single Dose)
Did you know that coffee grounds stuck in the nooks and crannies of your grinder stale over time, and create unappetising flavours in your next cup of coffee? Thankfully, the DF83 Grinder has a streamlined design where coffee grounds fall out smoothly, translating to dust-like amounts of grounds left in your grinder. This ensures that you never have to waste coffee purging old grounds or banging the grinder in all directions, leaving you less frustrated and with several extra doses from your bag of coffee! Most importantly, you get to taste the optimal flavour in your coffee.

2) Pricing
Current SALE Price tag of 599 USD from 644 USD.

3) Value 
Most high quality and affordable 83mm flat burr grinder in the market

4) Speed
The DF83 grinds the fastest compared to any other single dose grinder in the market.

5) Flat Burrs
Majority of espresso drinkers prefer flat burrs because you get to taste more flavour and depth in your coffee as compared to conical burrs. Well, the debate goes on, and to each their own. By solely looking at the trend in commercial cafes and influential grinders in the market (Mahlkonig EK43, Mazzer ZM & Lagom P64), statistics do seem to indicate a consumer preference for flat burrs.

6) Aesthetic
If you are looking for a minimalistic and robust grinder that complements your countertop and space, the DF83 Grinder is perfect for you. 

7) Rubber Bellow & Bean Hopper
With the feature of a rubber bellow top, you can push air into the burrs and out of the grounds chute. This serves as an additional detail, on top of its streamlined design, to ensure minimal retention of grounds. Suitable for commercial setups as it comes with a hopper, metal indicator ring, metal sleeve and plastic cup.

8) Ability to grind a range of consistent espresso, filter & coarse grind
The DF Grinder is of high-quality and high-performance for home coffee enthusiasts who want to try different coffee brewing methods: Espresso, V60 Filter and Coarse Cold brew! 

9) Modifications
If you are feeling adventurous and diving deeper into the intricate world of coffee, you can level up your coffee game through modifications to refine and enhance the DF83 Grinder. An example would be to upgrade your flat burrs to SSP Flat Burrs.

10) Colours
The DF83 comes in many colour variations - black, white. If you are interested in the other colours, please email us and we will assist you immediately.

Technical Information
Package Dimensions: 56 x 31 x 25cm. LxWxH
Package weight 12.8
DF83 Size: 25 x 15 x 45cm LxWxH
DF83 Weight: 10.8

Kindly note that once you purchase on our website, it is considered sold, there is no return/refund policy. Thank you for your sincerity.

Please note due to popular demand, our DF83 might be on pre-order basis depending on model, colour and type of burr. 

If you have chosen SSP Cast Sweet Lab burr, please write in notes section which coating you prefer Silver Knight or Red Speed.