DF64P Coffee Grinder


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 Please note to select correct voltage model for your country! There is 1 year warranty for all grinders. Prices listed are in USD or your own currency if you adjust to the local currency. All DF64 Grinders are aligned with Burrs.  Let us know if our prices are not competitive. 100% full support and parts from our engineers direct for peace of mind.

Price-beat and warranty guaranteed, email us. All burrs, we will install and align, unlike other sellers.

BLACK 220-240V (SOLD OUT) Order DF64E instead




NEW DF64 Model released for Espresso Grind

Improvement points 
  1. Heavy Metal Base

  2. Adjustment of grind size by bottom burr

  3. Standing up vertical style

  4. Smaller footprint and lighter

  5. Rubber single dose bellow

  6. Transparent anti-popcorn hopper

  7. New Declumper design

  8. Comfortable and easy adjustment knob located below

  9. Wooden Lid and Finishings

  10. Stepless adjustment

  11. Off/on button at the side for easy reach

  12. Premium color coating. Black / White

    Technical Information
    Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 17.5 x 37 cm. LxWxH
    Package weight 7.2KG
    DF64P Size: 185*120*340mm
    DF64P Weight: 6.5KG
    Capacity of Rubber Bellow: 50-80 Grams
    Capacity of Small Hopper: 50-80 Grams

    Kindly note that once you purchase on our website, it is considered sold, there is no return/refund policy. Thank you for your sincerity.

    Please note DF64E and P with SSP Burrs are already aligned. However, it might require some further alignment with SSP burrs if the range is not to your liking.

    Please note due to popular demand, our DF64P might be on pre-order basis depending on model, colour and type of burr. 

    If you have chosen SSP Cast Sweet Lab burr, please write in notes section which coating you prefer Silver Knight or Red Speed.